Cosenza Alessandro CTER IV livello – IT Manager
System administrator of the CNR-ISP Messina detached branch. In this context, it carries out the following activities:
- Access Port Manager (APM) - technical reference to the GARR;
- maintains the network infrastructure of the Messina institute;
- maintains network services and, in particular, the servers (e.g. file server, web server, firewall, DNS, NAT, etc…) for the delivery of transversal and local services;
- management of transmission networks (LAN and wireless);
- management of routing polices (router CISCO and firewall);
- hardware and software assistance and support to workstations in offices and laboratories;
- support for videoconferencing;
- use of statistical software for processing and interpretation of experimental results (in particular through the use of R, a specific development environment for statistical analysis of data).
He also manages the local staff institute data: attendance, absence, skills, meal vouchers, through ePAS, the system for detecting and managing attendance of CNR staff.

Cozzi Giulio Research interests
Development of mass spectrometry-based advanced analytical methodology for trace and ultra-trace determinations in environmental, biological and agrifood matrices; long-term paleoclimate and atmospheric chemistry from ice cores; heavy metals in polar and temperate ice and snow.

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Crisafi Francesca She received her Ph.D. in Science and Engineering of sea (2010) at the University “Federico II” in Naples. She is currently a researcher at the Institute of Polar Sciences (ISP-CNR). Her research is mainly focused on Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology in particular on: i) Structure and function of microbial marine microbial community associated to oil contaminated area; ii) Genetic and physiology of marine bacteria for biotechnological application; iv) Bioremediation and monitoring in marine environment (focus on technology and biotechnology in situ and ex situ). She spent one year at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Cal State Fullerton University California, United States working on artificial vectors engineering and in vitro techniques for transformation and conjugation of bacteria cells. She had many occasions for international and national collaboration since she has participated to several national research programs (PRIN, PON, PNRA) and international programs (KBBE FP7 es. MAGIC-PAH, KILLSPILL, BRAAVOO)
She is author/co-author of over 30 international peer-reviewed publications, and 4 book chapters

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D'Amico Marianna Ph.D. student in Polar Sciences at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari. She is a geologist with an M.Sc. in Climate Change from the University of Copenhagen and a master’s in Research, Modelling, and Analysis of Environmental Risk from the Technical University of Madrid.
Her Ph.D. project focuses on the presence, transport, and fate of emerging contaminants in different matrices in polar regions, with a particular focus on Svalbard and Antarctica.

Dallo Federico He received his Master's degree in Chemistry (LM-54) in 2013 from the University of Ferrara, carrying out research activities in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Celestino Angeli. In 2017 he received a Ph.D in Environmental Sciences at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, presenting a study on the diffusion of volatile organic compounds in snowpack under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Barbante. From 2017 to 2020 he was a Research Fellow at CNR-IDPA/CNR-ISP, working at the Col Margherita meteo-climatic observatory and developing low-cost technologies for environmental monitoring in remote alpine and polar areas. From 2021 he is Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow and was conducting research activities in the field of wireless sensor networks in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley (PIONEER - MSCA-IF-2018). Since April 2023, he is TD researcher at CNR-ISP in Venice, where he continues research and development of technologies to build sensor networks for environmental monitoring in remote alpine and polar areas in collaboration with UC Berkeley, NILU and AWI (MISO - HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-07).

De Biasio Francesco Graduated in Physics in 1993, he is currently researcher at the National Research Council, Institute of Polar Sciences (CNR-ISP). He has over 20 years of experience in the field of marine meteorology at the micro- and meso-scale, through the use of remote sensing with active microwave instruments in the marine environment, on satellite and on observation platforms during campaigns at sea (Adriatic Sea: Acqua Alta tower, platforms ENI; Kikeneiz research platform on the Black Sea).
He deals with analyzing historical series of meteorological-marine data acquired both through in situ and remote sensing data. He is co-author of some works on wind characterization at the air-sea interface through the analysis of SAR images with the continuous wavelets technique. He participated in the MIUR RITMARE project dealing with the acquisition and interpretation of remote sensing scatterometric data for the determination of the wind at the sea surface.
He participated in the ESA eSurge-Venice project on the expansion of the possibility of using satellite data to predict storm surges. Recently he has carried out research in the ESA Sea Level Climate Change Initiative (SL_CCI), in carrying out the ESA SL_CCI Bridging Phase project, dealing with applications of satellite altimetry.
He participates in the ESA Radar Altimetry for the Coastal Zone and Inland Waters project, which involves the development of specific applications of SAR satellite altimetry in coastal areas and inland waters.
He has been the scientific manager of three research projects funded by the Tide Forecasting and Reporting Center (Municipality of Venice). His main scientific interests include microwave remote sensing of the marine environment and the interpretation of synthetic aperture radar images; continuous wavelet transformation techniques; time series analysis of wind, sea level and backscatter radar; storm surge forecasts; complementarity of atmospheric modeling and satellite remote sensing. He is the author/co-author of more than 30 indexed products (source Scopus) as articles published in international journals or as acts of international conferences. Its scientific production can be quantified by a number of citations equal to 242 and an h-index equal to 9 (source Scopus).

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De Blasi Fabrizio Master’s degree in Forest and Environmental Science (University of Padua), PhD in Land Environment Resources and health (University of Padua).
Current position: Researcher at Institute of Polar Sciences-CNR, Venezia; permanent position. Since 2010, my research activities have been on mountain and environmental science with a focus on the relationship between climate change and snow and ice dominated high altitude environments.
After my master’s degree, my activities were on geomorphology, hydrology and glaciology at TESAF department of the University of Padua. I have analyzed the interaction between the climatic variations of the last century (e.g. modification of the thermo-pluviometric regimes) and the changes of the Alpine cryosphere (e.g. variations in volume, variation of the seasonal snow cover etc.) as well as the consequences of global warming on the evolution of the glacial masses over thousands of years. During last years, I collaborated with international research projects such as Ortles project (a paleoclimatic research project) and POLLiCE project (analysis of pollen present on ice cores from the Alps).
My topic is on the analysis of climate evolution during the last 2000 years through the study of Alpine and Apennine ice cores. Since 2017, I am in the Italian team of Ice Memory, an international mountain glaciers salvage program research project. At the same time, I'm collaborating to the Col Margherita Atmospheric Observatory (MRG) project with the aim of measuring the atmospheric composition above 2500 m in the Dolomitic region.

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Decembrini Franco Degree in Biological Sciences (1983), and Ph.D. in Environmental sciences: Marine environment and resources (1989), and CNR researcher in marine ecology (1994).
The scientific work is summarized in several Technical Reports of oceanographic cruises (as scientific head) and more than 100 publications on national and international journals in the following lines of research:
(i) ecological and physiological role of phytoplankton size-fraction in marine food webs of coastal and off-shore zone in the Mediterranean Sea, Ross Sea (Antarctica) and the Straits of Magellan;
(ii) study of the trophic conditions in the brackish lagoon ecosystems exposed to chemical pollution and eutrophication phenomena (Habs);
(iii) development of automatic monitoring of physico-chemical, optics and biological parameters (phytoplankton) in coastal marine environments through in situ (buoy and ship) and remote sensing (MIVIS, SeaWiFS).
He has participated in several national programs (ROSSMIZE, PRISMA, CLUSTER10, SNOW Artide) and projects of CNR and the Mi.P.A. and international (EU VFP: Strategy; EU FP6: SPICOSA WT 10.3 leader ; INTERACT EU: Sponge).

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Deganutti Andrea Maria Degree in civil hydraulic engineering (1982), PhD Geological Sciences (2008) both at Padua University. 1990-2019 Researcher at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council of Italy) at the Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (CNR–IRPI).
Associated tchnologist at the Institute of Polar Science (CNR-ISP).
His working experience includes field monitoring and laboratory studies on debris flows and landslides, particularly on triggering and deposition phenomena, also from the rheological point of view. Research experience includes hydrology of flash floods and related landslides triggering. Recently his interests include also the mechanics of rock avalanches.
He took part in several international research projects and worked for three years in New Zealand, at the Lincoln and Canterbury Universities, working on debris flow and rock avalanches physical and numerical modelling. He has also been in charge of the computer network of the IRPI Padova institute.

Current position: retired

ORCID    WoS Researcher ID: J-5670-2015    Research Gate

Del Gobbo Costanza After receiving her bachelor's degree in Geology at the University of Trieste and her master's degree in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Innsbruck, she completed a PhD in Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics at the University of Trieste and the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), where she carried out her research activity about paleoclimatic modeling until December 2021.
She is currently a research fellow for the "CryoKarst FVG - Cryosphere in the Karstic environments of Friuli-Venezia Giulia" project at the Institute of Polar Sciences of the CNR (CNR-ISP), at the Science-Park Area - Basovizza, Trieste.
Her project focuses on monitoring the external and hypogeal cryosphere in karst and alpine environments which are investigated under a climatic, paleoclimatic and geomorphological perspective by the mean of glaciological surveys and geophysical, 3D and modeling approaches. As part of her research activity, she is also interested in the climate-cryosphere interactions in the Alpine region from the LGM to the present days. She applies a modeling approach based on the reconstruction of the environmental ELA and the main atmospheric circulation patterns. She participated in a scientific expedition in the Himalayas (Nepal) and several glaciological campaigns in the central and eastern Alps.

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