Filiciotto Francesco

Filiciotto He currently focused the research interests on marine bioacoustics and in particular on the effects (behaviour, ecology, physiology and biochemistry) of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals, fish and crustaceans.
(2006) Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine - University of Messina, Italy; (2003) Master degree in Veterinary Medicine, University of Messina, Italy; (2009-present) Researcher, National Research Council, Italy; (2019–present) Institute of Polar Science (ISP-CNR).
Coordinator/Collaborator in the following projects: PLNRDA 2017-2019; MSFD 2008/56/CE; BYCATCH VII–MIPAAF; SySTeMiC, Research Grant-University of the South Pacific; CNR-MPA Pelagie Islands Agreement; TARTALIFE Project-LIFE; EMSO-MedIT, PON 2007-2013; CNR-MPA PELAGIE ISLANDS; BIOforIU, PON 2007-2013; REMOTO, PO FESR Sicilia 2007/2013; IRSES-RECOMPRA Marie Curie; PESCATEC, PON 2007-2013; RITMARE–MIUR; TESEO, PON 2007-2013; CALYPSO Interreg V-A Italia-Malta Project; ICT-E3.
Coordinator and/or Collaborator in the following experimental campaigns: MARINE STRATEGY 2017 II; MARINE STRATEGY 2016 II; PESCATEC; BANSIC Oceanographic Campaign '14; REP-MED 2014-NATO; Scientific campaign in Ny-Ålesund- Svalbard Islands; MedSudMed Oceanographic Campaign '10; BANSIC Oceanographic Campaign '10; MIPAF Oceanographic Campaign; BANSIC Oceanographic Campaign '09.
Member of several evaluation committees for the awarding of contracts of employment at CNR; 
Reviewer of several International Scientific Journals (ISI Journal) in field of Marine Science.
Supervisor of research personnel: Research Grants, Scholarships, Interships, Master’s Degree Thesis. Teaching experience in Courses: Veterinary Surgery and Inspection of Food of Animal Origin, University of Messina; EMSO-MedIT Course; BIOforU Course; PESCATEC Course.
Co-Author of more of 120 scientific publications (national and international Journals, proceeding, books, project/technical reports and patents).

Scopus - Author ID: 36058746700    ORCID

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