Montagna Paolo

Montagna Paolo Director of Research at CNR-ISP.
Laurea (M. Sc. equiv.) in Geology (1999), University of Padova. PhD (European Doctorate Label) in Earth Sciences (2005), University of Padova.
His research mainly focuses on the development and application of geochemical proxies for paleoclimate reconstructions on a variety of timescale and aims to address some of the fundamental aspects of the calcification mechanisms in cold-water corals. This includes the analysis of minor and trace elements, as well as stable (11B/10B) and radiogenic (143Nd/144Nd, 87Sr/86Sr, 230Th/U) isotopes in biogenic carbonates.
He has acquired significant expertise in the geochemistry of biogenic carbonates, physical and chemical oceanography and deep-sea habitat mapping, while working for extended periods at world leading institutions for geochemistry and paleoclimate related studies (AIMS, ANU, LDEO, LSCE, Paris-Sud University and UWA). He has participated to 17 oceanographic expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and the Ross Sea off Antarctica (some of them as chief or co-chief scientist).
He has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 4 book chapters, more than 100 abstracts and 20 invited talks, and he has served as a proposal reviewer for NSF-USA, CNRS/INSU-France, NSERC-Canada, FONDECYT-Chile, DFG-Germany, ANR-France, ISF-Israel, SCOR WG and Italian Programme for recruitment of young researcher as well as for 22 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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