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ournal of Marine Science and Engineering A special issue of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (ISSN 2077-1312). This special issue belongs to the section Marine Ecology.

This Special Issue is devoted to experimental studies and reviews, relating to any aspect of Biogeochemical Cycles and Ecosystem Functioning in Extreme Environments (e.g., polar regions, deep sea, Hydrothermal vents, Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Basins, etc) and aims to contribute to highlighting recent findings and acquiring a comprehensive perspective on the current status of this broad research field. All article types are welcome.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 July 2023
Special Issue Editor: Maurizio Azzaro (CNR-ISP)

Frontiers Research Topics

Advances in Biotechnological Applications of Extreme Microorganisms, Frontiers in Microbiology: Extreme Microbiology, Topic

Submission Deadlines 31 January 2023.

Topic Editors: Leticia Barrientos (University of La Frontera, Temuco, Chile), Angelina Lo Giudice (CNR-ISP) and Zeinab G Khalil (The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)

Remote Sensing A special issue of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292). This special issue belongs to the section Biogeosciences Remote Sensing.

The scope of this Special Issue is to collect research articles focused on, but not limited to, applications of remote-sensing data/techniques combined with other approaches to better monitor and/or understand processes occurring on snow-covered and glaciated areas, in different environmental frameworks. Manuscripts using novel approaches based on data integration and on multimission products are particularly welcome.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 May 2023 

Special Issue Editors: Roberto Salzano (CNR-IIA),  Rosamaria Salvatori (CNR-ISP), Angelika Humbert (AWI).

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

The Special Issue, Microbes in Extreme Marine Environments, is devoted to fundamental and applied aspects concerning the study of the microbial diversity of marine extreme environments and aims to contribute to highlighting recent findings and acquiring a comprehensive perspective on the current status of this broad research field. Since some extreme marine environments are somehow underrated from a microbiological point of view, this Special Issue will also contribute to filling gaps in this growing research topic.  FLYER

Submission Deadlines: 15 March 2023
Special Issue Editors: Susanna Gorrasi (Uni-Tuscia),  Gabriella Caruso (CNR-ISP), Violetta La Cono (CNR-ISP), Concetta Gugliandolo (Uni-Messina), Maurizio Azzaro (CNR-ISP)


The Special Issue, New Advances in Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, and Environmental Sustainability, will investigate the latest advances in the sustainable exploitation of different ecosystems and exploration of their potential. We are inviting scientific contributions assessing new biomolecules and the potential of bioremediation using organisms and microorganisms, as well as those evaluating their environmental impact, environmental response, and the assessment of their extent and limits.

Submission Deadlines 30 June 2023.
Special Issue Editors: Maria Papale,  Angelina Lo Giudice (CNR-ISP)

A special issue of Water (ISSN 2073-4441). This special issue belongs to the section "Soil and Water".

The Special Issue aims to investigate and understand the sources, fate, transport, and effects of persistent and emerging organic contaminants on natural ecosystems. These contaminants are spread in all environmental compartments at middle and high latitudes due to their worldwide production and consumption related to anthropogenic activities. Most of these organic micropollutants cause adverse effects on organisms at different levels of the trophic web. In this scenario, the investigation of the potential effects and toxicity associated with their occurrence in abiotic and biotic natural compartments can not be negligible. This Special Issue will update the state-of-the-art and partially fill the knowledge gap regarding these contaminants.

Submission Deadlines 31 January 2023

Special Issue Editors: Jasmin Rauseo (CNR-ISP), Francesca Spataro (CNR-ISP) and Luisa Patrolecco (CNR-ISP)

Special volume of the Journal of Micropaleontology with title: Advances in Antarctic chronology, paleoenvironment, and paleoclimate using microfossils: Results from recent and legacy coring campaigns.

The deadline for submission is 31 December 2022

Call for special issue


Si invitano tutti i colleghi interessati a sottomettere i loro contributi al Topical Issue Plastic pollution in marine and freshwater biota" della rivista Water Biology and Security (ISSN:2772-7351, KeAi Publishers)

Co-Guest Editors : Gabriella Caruso (CNR-ISP) e Fabiana Corami (CNR-ISP).

L'Institute of Hydrobiology di Wuhan (Chinese Academy of Sciences) si farà carico dei costi di pubblicazione per i lavori sottomessi.

Scadenza è il 30 giugno 2022.

Research Topic - Pan-Arctic Snow Research

Submission Deadlines 30 November 2021.

Topic Editors: Andrea Spolaor (CNR-ISP), Bartłomiej Luks (Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences), Jean-Charles Gallet (Norwegian Polar Institute), Roberto Salzano (CNR-IIA), Catherine Larose (Université de Lyon), Veijo Allan Pohjola (Uppsala University)

Frontiers Research Topics

From Pole to Pole: Contamination of Marine Ecosystems in a Changing World
Frontiers in Marine Science - Marine Pollution

Submission Deadlines 11 September 2021.

Topic Editors: Nicoletta Ademollo (CNR-ISP), Stefania Ancora (Univ.Siena), Begoña Jiménez (CSIC-Madrid) and Simonetta Corsolini (Univ.Siena)

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