Seminario CNR-ISP: Postgenomic Functional Analysis of Nanohaloarchaea: Haloarchaea Associations

18 Maggio 2022

Michail Iakimov (CNR-ISP): Postgenomic Functional Analysis of Nanohaloarchaea: Haloarchaea Associations   -   Locandina
Breve Descrizione: the presentation will focus on a recently discoveredform of microbial life, namely the previously overlooked but nonetheless globally distributed nanosized organisms (200-500 nm) of the archaeal “DPANN” superphylum. A multifaceted study of metabolic functions, ecology, and complete genome characterization of a nanohaloarchaeon, Candidatus Nanohalobium constans, co-cultured stably in association with its haloarchaeal host, Halomicrobium sp was recently published by us. We experimentally established and confirmed the ecological and physiological basis of this trophic interaction, which, in what we believe, is the first example of mutualistic archaeal symbioses occurring between intimately connected organisms.

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