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JCIOI (Joint Commission on Ice-Ocean Interactions) invite you to join an online workshop (online) on ice-ocean interactions 17-19th October 2022. The workshop will address four key science themes:

1. The physics of the ice-ocean boundary

2. The role of glacial melt in the wider ocean

3. The impact of ocean-driven melt on glacier and ice sheet mass balance

4. New and emerging technologies for studying ice-ocean interaction

Register online by 7th October 2022

The EU Horizon 2020 projects ECOTIP and FACE-IT, in collaboration with the EU Polar Cluster, warmly invite you to attend a webinar on how EU science on Arctic marine biodiversity addresses knowledge gaps identified in the IPCC process and supports adaptation.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday September 21st 2022 from 13-14:30 CEST on the Zoom platform.

Please register here to receive the invitation link

Please find the programme below, which can also be downloaded from this link


10-11:00 CEST  - Where: Zoom

This webinar will focus on; (1) How to access or request high-resolution satellite data useful for Arctic scientists?, (2) Which parameters one should think about while requesting data?, (3) What kind of data is available?, (4) What are these data useful for? In brief, the webinar speakers should guide the diverse arctic science community in demonstrating the usefulness of the high resolution data and the ways they can access the data. Speakers from KSAT and Planet.


This workshop will present how Copernicus supports EU’s policy actions by contributing to the monitoring of the Polar Regions. The workshop aims to address Polar resilience, the changing Arctic economy and not least the changing climate at both poles, and how Copernicus can support monitoring these key aspects and facilitate interactions and discussions between different stakeholders.

More informations and registration

The 27th International Symposium on Polar Sciences  - Two decades of Korean Arctic research: Looking back to look forward 

The 27th International Symposium on Polar Sciences organized by Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) will be held online on September 20-21, 2022. This symposium aims to bring polar scientists together to discuss their research findings and promote international collaborative research. Official Site

The EU-PolarNet 2 webinar gives an overview of the legal regime of the Arctic and outlines the existing Arctic governance structures.

More information

Workshop in presenza ed online sulle ultime novità su metodiche e legislazione riguardanti le microplastiche - Locandina

ISPRA Roma Via Vitaliano Brancati 48

Tra gli interventi della giornata: Metodi di pretrattamento soft per l'analisi di microplastiche, additivi, plasticizzanti, e altre componenti del microlitter in diverse matrici ambientali - Fabiana Corami, CNR-ISP 

7 Giugno 2022

The quest for oldest ice in Antarctica

Perché la comunità scientifica si impegna così tanto per arrivare al ghiaccio più vecchio in Antartide, fino a 1.5 milioni di anni? Barbara Stenni, professoressa ordinaria all’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, racconterà la sfida del progetto Beyond EPICA, guidato dall’Istituto di Scienze Polari del CNR, per recuperare il ghiaccio più antico arrivando a 1.5 milioni di anni fa e degli sforzi della comunità scientifica per ricostruire le variazioni climatiche di questo periodo.
Meeting Zoom ID MEETING: 840 5425 9908 - PASSCODE: 0BGUW7
Il webinar è organizzato da Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice Core per EU Polar Cluster

EU-PolarNet 2 will arrange an on-line workshop on 7th June 2022 at 13-18 CEST, aiming to facilitate better alignment of observing system efforts in the Arctic and Antarctic, and to create actionable policy-level recommendations to accelerate the development of an integrated polar observing system.

ISP di Venezia in collaborazione con Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia organizzano due seminari che si potranno seguire sia in presenza (a Venezia-Mestre) che online. (Per info Andrea.Spolaor AT

17 maggio 2022  2:00 p.m - Dr. Rachael Rhodes (University of Cambridge) - Title: Reconstructing past sea ice variability: can ice cores help?

Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 870 5240 1545 Passcode: 0u436a

Abstract: Sea ice is a critical component of Earth's climate and biogeochemical cycles. Relatively large and abrupt changes are possible, leading to significant positive feedbacks. Many argue that such changes have occurred in the past. Here I examine how the geochemical signal preserved in polar ice cores can help reconstruct past sea ice behavior over a range of time scales.

18 maggio 2022  10:00 a.m. - Dr. Thomas Bauska (British Antarctic Survey) - Title: Unraveling the drivers of atmospheric CO2 in the last glacial period

Join Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 833 1140 1076 Passcode: 4p537w


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