Scoping Workshop: Toward Implementing an Antarctic RCC-Network - Bologna, Italy, 7-9 October 2019

Scoping Workshop: Toward Implementing an Antarctic RCC-Network Scoping Workshop: Toward Implementing an Antarctic RCC-Network

Bologna, Italy, 7-9 October 2019

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is fostering the establishment of Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) for the Polar Regions.



WMO Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) are centres of excellence that operationally generate and provide regional climate products, including climate data, monitoring and prediction, in support of regional and national climate activities. While all WMO RCCs are required to fulfil certain mandatory functions, the RCC concept accommodates specific regional needs, capabilities and limitations.

Significant progress has already been achieved in the Arctic region, where an Arctic RCC-Network (ArcRCC- Network) commenced a demonstration phase in May 2018 ( Following a process similar to that employed for the Arctic, In order to take this goal forward also in Antarctica, a Scoping Workshop on Climate Services for Polar Regions: Towards Implementing an Antarctic RCC-Network were organized on 7-9 October 2019 in Bologna, Italy, hosted by CNR and the Italian Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA).

Objectives of the workshop were to discuss and facilitate the engagement of WMO Members and others interested in climate services for the Antarctic region, including representatives from operational, research and user communities.

Specific targets included:
- exploring opportunities and challenges relating to Antarctic polar climate monitoring and prediction ser

vices and the underpinning data inputs;
- building on the survey results to hone the Antarctic RCC-Network concept, including the priority functions of the Antarctic RCC-Network;
- take the first steps towards development of an implementation strategy for an Antarctic RCC-Network.

Preliminary Survey

As an essential pre-requisite to determine the way forward for the implementation of an Antarctic RCC-Network, the WMO Secretariat conducted a survey to define WMO Members and others interest in climate services for the Polar Regions. A similar survey was sent to COMNAP (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs).

Members and other stakeholders were asked to consider being mandatory or highly recommended functions of the proposed Antarctic RCC-Network. As part of the survey, the concerned WMO Members are also invited to indicate their interest and capacities in contributing to RCC-related functions, or in carrying out research and developing capacities applicable to the Antarctic region. The surveys also elicit existing mechanisms for interaction with users.

The results of these surveys were analysed to ascertain the level of interest and commitment on different activities, services and products of the proposed Antarctic RCC-Network, providing a solid starting point for discussion at the Scoping Workshop.
- Template of the survey
- Report on results

Meeting Documents
- Concept note
- Final agenda
- Draft Final Report (when ready - consider if make public the summary presentation made by Peer)
- list of national focal points (please Anahit put what we had for the meeting in a better format)


Representatives of Antarctic Treaty members that are involved in the operational activities on the development and delivery of products and services, and are interested to contribute to Antarctic RCC implementation as well as various stakeholders in Antarctic climate matters, were invited to participate to the Workshop.

The workshop participation also included experts from research community, and selected representatives of user sectors and policy domains. A list of potential participants was developed in consultation with relevant WMO Constituent Bodies, partners etc. to include a variety of stakeholders and ensure the right mix of expertise with interests in the Polar Regions is present, including:
- subject matter experts on Polar regions;
- representatives of Antarctic Treaty members that are involved in operational activities;
- WMO Members with an interest in Antarctica;
- relevant scientific bodies, international and intergovernmental organizations;
- relevant experts from WMO Technical Commissions, Regional Associations and Secretariat;
- a selected number of user representatives.
- Final list of participants
- Group photo


Presentations available following the agenda:
2. Overview of climate services requirements and opportunities for Antarctica - Potential Mapping of national capabilities for Arctic Regional Climate Centre-Network
3.1 WMO RCCs concept and current status of implementation
3.2 Mandatory and highly recommended functions of WMO RCCs
3.3 Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) and their linkages to RCCs
4. Role of EC-PHORS in polar RCC implementation, with a special focus on Arctic RCC-Network experience
5. Analysis of preliminary survey results on RCC implementation in Antarctica
6. Statements by National Focal Points and Partners (including Antarctic Treaty, COMNAP, IICWG, etc)
7.1 Brief overview of the requirements and existing capacities, based on countries/partners input - All contributions recommended
7.2 Specifying the existing capacities of Antarctic stakeholders to provide services and products required to support service delivery mechanisms
7.3 Mapping the requirements and capacities to support mandatory and highly-recommended RCC functions for the Antarctic
8.2 Open discussion on potential Antarctic RCC functions beyond WMO RCC mandatory and highly-recommended functions
10. Recap: Antarctic RCC potential functions and structure
12. Next steps towards implementation of the AntRCC-Network

Useful Links and Workshop Resources
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Implementation workshop Arctic RCC
Arctic RCC web page
WMO web page on Regional Climate Centres (RCCs)
WMO web page on Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs)
Report of WMO/WCRP/IPY Workshop on CLIPS in Polar Regions: Climate Product Generation
User Liaison and Training (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 8-11 September 2008)
Manual on the Global Data Processing and Forecasting System, Volume I (Contains formally approved criteria for RCCs as part of WMO Technical Regulations)
WMO Polar RCC Survey Preliminary Analysis
Services Requirements White Paper (Developed by EC-PHORS Services Task Team)
Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) Implementation Plan and other documents

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